“An extraordinary book. It is a breakthrough book!” Jeff Blankfort, Radio Producer & Journalist

I have been working in the Israel/Palestine arena for nearly 20 years. I believe that you and your book are an answer to our prayers over many years. May God speed it and may it be dispersed and read widely across the English speaking world.  G.D., Director of Elijah Trust, Christian Charitable NGO

Thank you for the gift of your book. Boy, am I ever glad that however you had your breakthrough, that you had it.  This is a wonderful book. You examine your own projection, fear, anxiety, anger, whatever, the clear, open space opens up and you see that there is nothing there – just God or spirit or everything/nothing, whatever words you want to describe it. I love it!!!   J.H., Member of Israel-Palestine Project, Working toward a common narrative of the two peoples.

If I should start wobbling in my mind, I will just remind myself of Richard Forer’s fabulous BREATHROUGH book and especially the encouragement of his dedication Compassion and Clarity lead to Peace. I am deeply touched by his integrity and steadfastness in battling things out in his own heart….just as Arjuna – guided by Krishna – on the battleground of Kurukshetra in the Bhagavad Gita…  I.H., Human Rights Worker

Before getting to the chapter on Gaza, I had to stop reading for a while because my heart occasionally keeps sinking when reading about the truth and at the same time thinking about some of my Israeli friends who are locked in denial…  N.S., Medical Translator

Awesome!!!!!   I have gotten so much out of your book.  Especially to hear your own personal journey of awakening was incredibly healing for me.  I am not Jewish so you also really helped me to understand Jewish consciousness around this.   Thank you so much for all your efforts towards peace and understanding.  I am recommending your book.  Thank you thank you one thousand thank yous!!!!!   D.O., PhD Candidate

It’s SUPERB!! Very moving, enlightening, educational, heartwarming.♥   N. S., Politician/Activist

You made me sob reading Gaza. I couldn’t stop crying. All of a sudden I realized I was reading, not being there physically.  T.L., Arab-English Translator

I’ve started reading your book and it is amazing!  M. J., Project Assistant for UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Gaza)

A good deal of my reading on the subject takes place at the health club. It has been a while since an hour of exercise went by so quickly. I was mesmerized by what you had to say.  J. D., Executive

Whooooeeee, but what a book “Breakthrough” is!  G.P., Author and former Christian Minister

Fantastic book!  M.S., Journalist/Blogger

Took your book with me to New York City over the Thanksgiving Holiday. SWEPT AWAY!  J.K., author/activist

I admire your book very much. Best thing I’ve read in ages. H.S.