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#1 in its Category on Amazon

Out of thousands of books, the Kindle version of Wake Up and Reclaim Your Humanity: Essays on the Tragedy of Israel Palestine is currently the top ranked book on Amazon in the category, “History of Israel & Palestine,” and number 4 in “Israel & Palestine History.” For a short time, the book

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The Roots of Suffering in the Context of Israel-Palestine

I recently spoke at an Islamic Center about the psycho-spiritual roots of suffering and conflict. The speech I gave is unique because I explain why, at its core, the Israel-Palestine tragedy is not a political, ideological, religious, cultural or humanitarian problem. It is a psycho-spiritual problem. I begin at 4:45

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Breakthrough available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

Breakthrough may be purchased directly from Amazon in Kindle and as a paperback. To my knowledge, there has never been a book that takes on the daunting challenge of describing and deconstructing the unbelievably complex emotional and intellectual journey from prejudice to compassion on this issue… until now! – Anna Baltzer,

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