Understanding the Fundamental Roots of Conflict and Suffering

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Mondoweiss has just published an interview with me titled “Understanding the fundamental roots of conflict and suffering.” Although the ideas presented in the interview apply to all of humanity, the interview primarily focuses its attention on, and inquires into, the deepest roots of the Israel-Palestine problem, which are not political, religious, cultural, territorial or humanitarian in nature.

I am pretty certain that the perspective communicated in this interview, especially as it relates to Israel-Palestine, has never before been introduced by a single well-known media outlet.

If you want to know why so many normally decent people who believe in justice support indecency and injustice or how easily so many can become supporters of violence in the name of nonviolence please read this interview.

If you agree with me that the interview contains valuable, even critical insights please share it with your friends. I think this interview can make a difference in the Israel-Palestine debate and draw in many people who are still on the sidelines. I particularly think it can stimulate a great deal of conversation within the Jewish community, so please share with your Jewish friends, no matter where their loyalties lie. Thanks, Rich

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