The Hypocrisy of Criticizing One Country for Crimes Against Humanity but Defending Another Country for Its Crimes Against Humanity

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Two years ago Susan Modaress of Press TV interviewed me about my transformation from reflexive loyalty to the State of Israel to advocacy for human rights and equality for all people. We discussed the documented history of Israel-Palestine as well as my insights into how so many people support injustice in the name of justice – See interview here. This morning I received an email from a Jewish man who said:

“Richard is going on PressTV, the Ayatollah state controlled TV, which says 9/11 was done by the Jews, the Syrian rebels gassed the Syrians and not Assad. Do you realize Iran is helping Assad slaughter thousands and thousands of Syrians and you talk about humanity and and go on this Islamo fascist network. Shame on you!”

Here is my reply: I was on Press TV about two years ago. Would it have been OK if I’d had the exact same interview on American TV? You obviously were threatened by the insights I shared in the interview and you clearly have not even a basic understanding of what I was talking about. If you had you would know I condemn the brutality of the Assad regime as well as many of the rebel groups. I KNOW YOU! Your narcissism betrays you. Yours is the same ignorant and unconscious mind that has been at the heart of cruelty, sadism and abuse throughout history. Like others who support Israeli cruelty and oppression, you pretend to care about the lives of Syrians but are so filled with fear and stupidity that you completely ignore, deny and rationalize Israel’s decades long abuse and murder of innocent civilians. You refuse to see the effects of Zionism on the entire Middle East as well as the U.S. and much of the world. You also probably could care less that the US sabotaged democratic movements over the decades in places like Chile, Congo, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Iran, Vietnam, killing millions of innocent people in order to install vicious, murderous dictatorships so as to prevent the spread of governments that did not kowtow to the US.
SHAME ON YOU for parroting the usual slanderous and inhumane positions that have caused so much suffering in the world. I will speak at virtually any venue where I can communicate my message of clarity through compassion. The problem with you and all who constantly deceive themselves into believing that the world is anti-Semitic is that you refuse to research the actual history. Instead, you allow yourselves to be easily manipulated by fear to support brutality and injustice in the name of justice. Your position is so inhumane and hypocritical that you support the murder and dispossession of millions of people and could care less how many people throughout the world, including Jews, suffer. This hypocrisy and inhumanity is due to your fear of inquiring within and challenging your indoctrinated beliefs and images. If not for you, governments like Syria, Iran, Nazi Germany, Israel etc could not get away with their sadistic behavior. The fact is that THE REAL ENEMY IS THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND THAT UNCONSCIOUSLY PROJECTS ITS SUFFERING ONTO THE WORLD AND THEN SCAPEGOATS THE WORLD FOR ITS SUFFERING. That is exactly what you are doing every moment of your existence.
I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! You don’t care about Israel or Jewish people and you certainly don’t care about the Syrian people, let alone the Palestinians. The only thing you really care about is holding on to your presumed and mortal Jewish identity. That is more important than the fate of the entire world. You would sacrifice millions of people, including millions of Jews, in order NOT to look in the mirror. In fact millions of people throughout history have suffered and died because of people just like you, people who allow themselves to easily be indoctrinated into losing their humanity and into supporting the inhumanity perpetrated upon millions. Are you afraid to study the actual history of Israel-Palestine? Do you simply believe what AIPAC and the Israeli government and your rabbis, who also have never had the courage to study the history, tell you to believe? I know that the answer is a resounding YES! The suffering of millions and the rise in anti-Semitism attest to this fact.
Israel has used chemical weapons and depleted uranium for decades upon the Palestinian people. It refuses to ratify the 1993 chemical weapons convention or the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Israel routinely tortures Palestinians it arrests with or without charge, including children. It deliberately blockades Gaza to the point that Gaza is becoming unlivable and people are starving. You and Israel incite anti-Semitism throughout the world, while I mitigate it, and then you claim that it is me and those who criticizes Israel for its non-stop human rights abuses who are anti-Semitic. I imagine you often say that Israel is the “only democracy in the Middle East,” while rooting for Israel to continue its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Right now Israel is throwing tens of thousands of Bedouins out of their homes in the Negev in order to build more Jewish settlements. The Bedouin villages pre-date 1948 and the only reason they are being thrown out is because they are Goyim.
When are you going to wake up and start caring about other people? When are you going to begin to look at reality instead of conning yourself into believing in mostly myth? If your house was stolen from you and your children arrested without charge and tortured what would you do? Would you praise the government that did such a thing or would you resist? What if people were stupid enough to label you, in your mostly nonviolent resistance, a terrorist? Would you agree with them and join their side and do to others what was done to you? It sure seems like you would!

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2 Replies to “The Hypocrisy of Criticizing One Country for Crimes Against Humanity but Defending Another Country for Its Crimes Against Humanity”

  1. Thank you, Rich, for this priceless elucidation of human fallibility and how it leads to self-destructive ignorance, animosity and unconscionable hypocrisy and war. Identifying unexamined assumptions of self-righteousness, antagonistic dehumanization and exclusive privilege are the common enemy; it prevents, as you say, clarity and compassion–therefore the ability to form healthy, mutually respectful relationships and communities capable of rational problem-solving and creative cooperation. As this is true on a personal, as well as international level, it locks us into deadly cycles of cruelty and aggression. Underlying the sociopolitical and economic causes of war are the UNCONSCIOUS FEARS that preclude altruism, wisdom, benevolence. Keep up the good work–and I promise to learn how to post links to your interviews and blog!

  2. Richard, this is both eloquent and powerful, and I thank you for writing it and sharing it. I agree 100% with what you say about Israel and the US. Keep up your good work, my friend, and for being such an inspiration.

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