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At Mr. Bahour’s request I sent the following letter to Israeli PM Netanyahu. I also sent a similar letter to Minster of Defense Ehud Barak. Bahour’s letter can be read here. Please consider sending a letter yourself to these officials.

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,
As an American Jew with relatives living in Israel I am appalled and deeply concerned at your government’s treatment of its Palestinian wards. Walid Abu Rass (ID #: 9-9702819-6) is under administrative detention because, I suspect, he cares about his people. Mr. Rass is Finance and Administration Manager for the Health Work Committees (HWC, at www.hwc-pal.org). Why does your government, in the name of the Jewish people, routinely persecute individuals who are trying to make life a little easier for a citizenry that has had so much taken from them? Are they being persecuted because, unlike you, they were not born to Jewish mothers?

Prime Minister Netanyahu what kind of image of Israel and the Jewish people are you attempting to send to the world? Are you aware that the behavior of your government incites anti-Semitism throughout the world, just as the behavior of Islamic extremist groups incites Islamophobia? Are you aware that many of your fellow Jews are becoming more and more disgusted with policies that are designed to treat the Palestinian people as subhuman? What kind of world do you think you are creating with such inhumane behavior and what kind of legacy do you intend to leave for the Jewish people? Have you considered the effect of your policies upon Jews around the world?

As a Jew who has not lost his compassion and humanity I ask that you look into your heart, find some compassion for other human beings and immediately release Walid Abu Rass. I ask that you cease persecuting non-Jewish individuals simply because they are committed to the health and well-being of their people. Sincerely, Richard Forer

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6 Replies to “WHERE’S MY FRIEND by Sam Bahour”

  1. From a reformed AIPAC member, it means a lot to a Palestinian refugee. I have met Richard Forer, I am very proud to know him. I agree with his views on Palestine/Israel conflict, I’m also very grateful for his tireless work for Equality Justice and Peace.

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